For years, it is impossible to imagine the beauty sector without the classic hair extension & hair thickening. Thus, human hair braids are used to lengthen or thicken your own hair. Numerous styling possibilities can be created in the color game and make you feel feminine and feminine.

We work the human hair braids with the TAPE method into the natural hair to achieve the desired result. (Every 8 weeks the extensions are put back on or removed. Here it can come to slight deviations, because it always depends on the respective hair growth and the care of the extensions.

To create a professional result, a detailed consultation is indispensable. Here, not only the desired styling is discussed, but also a scalp and hair analysis is implemented.

The studio offers you a real hair selection.

The service calculation is always dependent on the respective effort and amount of TAPES used. The exact price calculation of your hair extension / thickening you will of course receive during your consultation.

Make your consultation appointment today.The consultation appointment is charged at 29 EUR.