We women in particular are not only looking forward to marrying our prince charming, but also to being a beautiful bride all day long. The bridal styling not only emphasises the sparkle and shine in our eyes, it also makes us feel radiantly beautiful all day long.


When should I request my bridal styling with you?

There are actually favorite months that are assigned very promptly. Therefore, it makes sense to request your desired date a year in advance.


How do I request my bridal styling from you?

The best way to send your request is via email. Here should be your contact details, so that we can get in touch with you promptly.


Which bridal styling package is right for me?

Bridal Styling Classic

Our classic that many of our customers book. In this package you get a professional bridal styling (hair & make up). The time required here is 2 hours. Both at the rehearsal and on the wedding day itself.

Bridal Styling High Classic

Our bridal styling package High Classic is for our brides who want an extra BOOST. Here, for example, extensions are incorporated in the preparation. The time required here makes the difference to the CLASSIC. We plan here at the rehearsal and on the wedding day, 3 hours each.

Bridal Styling DELUXE

You want a styling professional on both wedding days.

Here, 2 trial appointments take place in each case. Time expenditure in each case 2 hours. For High Deluxe, the time required is 3 hours in each case.

Breast styling Single Make up/Hairstyling

This styling package is for our brides who wish to book either the bridal make up or hair styling with us.



We cannot accept requests for your loved one a year before your wedding day. We only accept them at the beginning of the respective year, because at this time our schedule for the whole team and the final daily schedule of the brides is set. However, we will be happy to note down your wishes.


Can I choose my bridal stylist?

You can be sure that every bridal stylist from our house is well trained and has a wealth of experience in bridal styling. So that the quality management here speaks ONE styling design language, all stylists are additionally trained by Ria to guarantee a uniform standard. A selection of the stylist is therefore not given with us.

The use for the coming Wedding season is planned at the end of the old season, this is where the DREAMTEAMS of BRIDE & STYLIST will be created.


When should I schedule my trial appointment?

Please contact us by phone at the studio. Your rehearsal appointment will take place no more than 3 months before your wedding. For the new season 2023 it makes sense to plan at the end of the year 2022. We plan the rehearsal dates from DI,MI and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday we are styling our brides.

How should I prepare for my audition appointment?

It is wonderful if you bring a picture of your wedding dress. Also pictures of your desired styling, your color and styling of your wedding design are dreamlike. It is always very important to us that we can also adapt your bridal styling perfectly to your dream day.

Your hair should be freshly washed and dried. However, if you can't arrange it because you might be coming straight from the company, we'll be happy to do the preparation right in the studio. 30 EUR

SOS SERVICE on the wedding day.

Sometimes you wish you had your stylist over again. Wild games, the removal of the veil or very warm / rainy days have damaged the look. We offer our on-call service here on Saturday as well. Until 18:00 you can call us on your wedding day and we will rush over and give your styling the SUPER BOOST once again. We charge 399 EUR for this service.

How are the arrival and departure costs calculated?

Inside Hannover city we calculate 0,80 EUR/km.

For arrival and departure outside Hannover city we charge 99 EUR per tour.


Inquiries for arrival and departure costs within Germany or for foreign countries please contact us via email or phone.



If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at the studio.